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There is a place on the central coast where the weather is perfect, the ocean is beautiful, and there seems to be unlimited new wineries to discover. Covid has accelerated the ability of people to work remotely and shifted ideas about living in dense cities. Many have opted out of traffic and crowds to find beautiful places like the central coast where the beach or a scenic hike is just a couple miles away. For the past year I've been helping out on the resulting surge in residential projects with Bill Isaman and team. The following section shows samples of projects I contributed to with BIM drafting to help gain permits.


The world of banking is changing. For most people it has become an app and possibly an occasional stop at an atm. However, new banks are still being built everyday because some things just have to be done in person. When I lived in Houston for a couple years I helped on all sorts of banking projects and got to see first hand how things are evolving in this sector and why and how their brick and mortar branches are formed.

American National Bank Of Texas | Heath, Texas

Graphisoft ArchiCad Unreal Engine Twinmotion plug-in allows users to create animated videos to help visualize the project. This is a test video of a proposed bank in Texas that was made as an initial exploration of the software and what it can be used to achieve. In the past, a restrictive limitation of rendering software was that it required a cumbersome one-way process of changing software and lengthy processing time. Now, as a project is being designed, the plug-in automatically updates the render model allowing the designer to more frequently and easily adapt things as decisions are made.


One of my hometown's favorite catch phrases has always been 'welcome to Austin, please don't move here.' However the word got out about the magical place and the city has grown so fast over the years that new condos and hotels have been popping up everywhere. I had the opportunity to help with the drawing sets and 3D modeling of many projects in 2013 to 2016 (the renderings shown below done by others).

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