Print-Making | Mixed Media

During the UT Study Abroad Italy program based in the small town of Castiglion Fiorentino, these works were produced by adding ink to plexi-glass or linoleum and then using a press to roll the ink onto wet watercolor paper.

Welding | Metal Fab | Furniture

While living in Austin, one of my hobbies was to build furniture out of scrap steel. I also briefly worked in a foundry in Bastrop to learn the process of working with Bronze.

Water Colors | Sketches

Another artistic hobby I focused on while I was in Italy and traveling abroad was to watercolor and practice sketching the scenes and buildings I came across. I find it to be a fulfilling way to engage with the environment in a much different way then simply looking at or taking a photo and moving on. You never know who you might meet and what stories they have when they ask to see what you are up to!

Travels | Photography

There are countless amazing images of the world today, but I nevertheless enjoy creating my own as I seek to travel to new and exciting places. Below is a collection of places I have been to and each image is full of wonderful memories and experiences.